What to say about me...

I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, I gained a degree in graphic design in 2012 and shortly after that, began working as a designer and occasionally doing some basic modeling. I instantly liked doing it and decided to pursue that path. That led me to Vancouver, where I currently live now.

I took the 3D Animation & Visual Effects course in Vancouver Film School, graduating in December 2015,  after an intense year of studies in a studio-like environment. The result of that can be seen in my Demo Reel, available in the Home Page.

Shortly after that I got my first job in the industry as an Assistant Environment Artist at Electronic Arts, working closely with modelling leads and attending bug fixes, where I also learned a great deal on game engines and Substance Painter.

I always try to keep doing some personal projects to study different softwares and learning new skills to stay in the loop of whatever is new in the industry.


  • Organic/Hard Surface modeling
  • Texturing and UV mapping
  • Displacement/Normal map extraction
  • Lighting
  • Multipass rendering
  • Designs and layouts


Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Zbrush, Nuke, Premiere, Mudbox, Shotgun, Qube, Frostbite, Renderman, Arnold, Mentalray, Frostbite